Simple Steps to Creating Your Sleep Space Sanctuary 
Do you: 
  • ​Feel tired in the morning or having trouble sleeping at night?
  • ​Find it is hard to thrive in your business because of fatigue?
  • ​Want to improve your clarity and focus?
Learn how to reduce your exposure to EMFs at night so you can
optimise your sleep for better energy
have clearer thinking and healthier sleep 
so you can thrive in your business and at home.  
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In this GUIDE...
discover long term health effects of emfs
Learn how harmful EMFs can put your health at risk.
Food Diary
learn common symptoms of emf exposure
I reveal common symptoms so you can improve your sleeping space for optimal sleep and healing.  
Food triggers
identify typical sources of emfs in your bedroom
Discover which devices and practices may be causing you harm all night while you sleep. Make sure you're not making these simple mistakes.  
apply simple strategies to reduce your exposure
Apply simple strategies so that you can have better quality sleep, support your brain's detoxification at night, and optimise the time you rest and recharge so you can have a healthier future 


I'm Melissa Raymond - a mum, researcher and health professional. I support people searching for ways to improve their health without the overwhelm. Through my programs from EMFs to Eczema, I use evidenced-based and practical approaches to address the root causes so you can create healthier futures and thrive.  
Simple Steps to Creating a Safe Sleeping Sanctuary reveals commonly unseen factors that contribute to a poor night's sleep, and strategies that you can implement immediately to create a healthier sleeping space. Optimise your sleep so have more energy and clarity to thrive in your business and at home. 

Without this guide, you could be continuing to be exposed to unseen causes that can sabotage your precious sleeping hours, contributing to potential poor health outcomes in years to come and left wondering what else you can do to wake up with energy and create a healthier future for you and your loved ones. 

With it, you can be sure that you're doing what you can to improve your health and the heatlh of your loved ones. This will allow you to feel more confident and empowered to move forward with a plan to optimise your sleep, brain function and thrive in your business! 

Absorbing the information in this guide is a great place to start so you can move forward. Get access today!

Dr Melissa Raymond, PhD 
Create an optimal sleeping space for better energy and thrive in your business
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