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Your Child & Eczema
"Scratching The Surface"
 Empowering parents with evidence-based approaches to eczema so you can soothe your little one's heartbreaking, constant itchiness and everyone can get a better night's sleep. 
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In this free VIDEO SERIES, I'll show you:
atopic eczema 101
Learn what eczema is at a deeper level so you can discover the pieces of the puzzle that all need to be addressed for success! You'll be able to go beyond more than just the moisturisers TODAY. 
Food Diary
I reveal the key steps that many often miss so that you can reduce the itch, soothe the skin properly and avoid another flare up. 
Food triggers
Foods triggers
It's actually MORE than food allergies, and yes - there is a link! I reveal why the 'gut health' food and probiotic craze may actually be making it WORSE... Make sure you're not making these mistakes. 
Actionable and practical tips on minimising environmental triggers for those with eczema... 

Hi, I'm Melissa Raymond, mum, researcher and health professional and I support parents  to help their children with eczema, allergies, asthma and food intolerances with natural health options.  I do this using evidenced-based, actionable, and practical solutions and help you to address the root causes of these conditions. 
My Scratching the Surface Video Series reveals many pieces of the puzzle that are often neglected in treatment of eczema. It allows parents to see how they can easily make simple changes to really start making a difference in their child's skin.  

Without it, you could waste your time stuck in overwhelm and uncertainty, struggling to work out what can be contributing to your little one's health issues.

With it, you can eliminate the 'No idea-where-to-start-overwhelm'. Follow this simple and systematic process to work out these foundational pieces of the puzzle. This will allow you to feel more confident and empowered to move forward with a plan to help your little one improve their health, and in doing so, your health too.

Absorbing the information in this video series is a great place to start - and get access today!

Melissa Raymond, PhD x
Soothe your little one's constant itchiness so everyone can get a better night's sleep...
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