The Eczema Roadmap
Platinum Package - Application
In order for you to apply for the The Eczema Roadmap Platinum Package, you must meet the following criteria:
  • You are are an action taker and are willing to make some changes. You are ready to put in some work - with support - to make a difference for eczema
  • ​You understand that there is no magic pill, no cure, and no magic lotion for eczema but there are many ways that you can help soothe your child's skin and address it at a deeper level
  • You understand that improvement can take time but you are committed because you can see this benefitting your entire family's future 
So, if this is you, then let's immediately reduce the overwhelm and time wasted searching for solutions so you can move forward for a healthier future

Click below for your complimentary call to discuss how The Eczema Roadmap Platinum Package can support you for a better way forward to a healthier future.
Your Path To a Healthier Future Is One Short Phone Call Away

*Timezone may be changed in the above calender to suit your location.
"With the amazing support from Melissa I was able to gather the information 
I needed formulate and execute a plan.  I have felt so supported in this beautiful community of people." 
 - Steph C, Melbourne
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