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The EMF Course

We will cover the impact that your environment has on your health - how it can contribute to headaches, fatigue, chronic illness and more... 
Learn the the 'why's' and the 'how's' of creating a healthier and healing space for you and those you love.    
This is an opportunity to make where you live and how you live a conscious choice for a healthier future for you and those you love. 
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EMF Course Details:
  • Learn why exposure to certain Electromagnetic Frequencies may be harmful to your health
  • ​Become empowered with practical steps on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful EMFs
  • ​Find out if your day/night habits are causing you immediate and long term harm
  • ​Have the best of both worlds with safer use of technology 
  • Discover how clever Smart Homes really are...
  • ​​Undertake your own Healthy Home EMF Audit to identify unseen sources of EMF 
  • ​Step by step videos and resources to make simple changes straight away
  • Reduce the overwhelm with practical tips and options so you can get started with reducing your EMF exposure in your home
  • ​Know the where, what and how to start creating a positive healing space straight away
  • ​Low cost and free strategies to reduce your EMF exposure
  • ​Supportive Private Community for the duration of the program
  • 6 Information Sessions released weekly. Start when you're ready and watch in your own time
  • ​​12 weeks access to recorded sessions and all resources
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