A whole-life health program – with zero overwhelm

Take back control of your health with your own 
support crew, map and the right tools without getting lost along the way

BASECAMP is Dr Melissa Raymond's 
created and curated set of health information
and it’s all available for 
less than the cost of a single specialist appointment. 

Over $1,000+ worth of health and wellness courses for you to work through at your own pace, 
all for an amazingly low monthly price! 

BASECAMP is Dr Melissa Raymond's created and curated set of answers to a multitude of family health issues – and it’s all available for less than the cost of a single specialist appointment. 

This membership and all the courses you can access in it allows you explore ways to improve your family’s health while 
learning new skills from fermentation to managing stress to eliminating toxins and allergens.

And you don’t have to spend another single hour hunting down individual possible answers online.

(Because I've done it all for you! Hi, I'm Dr Melissa.)

Take back control of your health with your own
support crew, map and the right tools 
without getting lost along the way

Have the right information and resources 
to create a healthier future for you and your loved ones - all at your fingertips
I created BASECAMP so you can:
  • Improve the health of you and your family so you can spend more time enjoying your family rather than working on trying to put out health 'spot-fires' and waking up at 3am worrying about niggling concerns
  • ​​Feel confident that you're on the right track so you can stop worrying about the future
  • ​Have a one-stop-shop of answers so no matter what crops up, you know you have sound advice the moment you open your laptop
  • Gift better health to future generations (your children's children and beyond!)
Who is BASECAMP for?
The short answer is: 

BASECAMP is for everyone!

Whether you’re a dedicated parent seeking solutions to your family’s health issues, or a single person exploring a more holistic path through life, BASECAMP offers a range of courses designed to step you through the sustainable and impacting changes to make to reach your goals – regardless of how small or great-big-whopping-and-worrying.

Best of all, as long as you're a member, you’ll have access to all the courses offered by BASECAMP – not just the current ones but all future releases as well! So you can rest assured that you’re supported through all your life stages.

HERE'S JUST A tiny smidge OF WHAT BASECAMP delivers you and your family: 
Community Membership 

I often hear being on a health journey can feel like a lonely one - with your friends and family sometimes just not ‘getting’ where you’re headed. Especially if you’re trying something new or “different” on an expedition through uncharted territory.   

BASECAMP offers you the opportunity to connect with other people who know what you are going through, in a supportive and controlled environment. Our private and confidential Facebook community means you can build connections, receive peer support, feel understood, and celebrate the wins together! And you never have to explain your health choices to the sound of eye-rolling.

As part of your BASECAMP membership, you'll have access to a range of courses that you can unlock. (One at a time because no one needs anything to be more overwhelming than it currently is.)  

Each BASECAMP course comes with written resources to help step you through your action plans, so you can make changes without stress and confusion, and without having to research it all for yourself.

Access the course videos when it suits you, wherever you are and whatever your schedule. Each course includes everything that you need to get started to create a healthier future for you and your loved ones. This means you are equipped with the tools, trainings , and guidance to save you countless months of travelling down the wrong tracks.  

Q & A Sessions

As part of your BASECAMP Membership, you'll also have access to two Question & Answer sessions each month, hosted by BASECAMP founder Dr Melissa Raymond. Ask your questions ahead of time to have them addressed live, or jump straight into the live calls and ask away in person - virtually! Gain guidance for the next destination and be ready to tackle the next hurdle with the right tools in your backpack! 

<< Limited-time Bonuses >>

The EMF Course
Did you know that the amount of ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) around us are MILLIONS of times more than they were just a few decades ago?

Did you know that some EMFs contribute to inflammation and stress in our bodies, interrupt our sleep, and affect our ability to detoxify?
  • Learn more about how EMFs affect your family's health: what's in your home and in your bedrooms may be contributing daily harm
  • ​Discover real and practical strategies that you must know to reduce your EMF exposure within your own home
  • ​Equip yourself with step-by-step plans to create a healthier space for you and your loved ones, and for future generations

Fermenting Food 101
Heard about fermented food and unsure if you'd like it?
Or maybe you've tried it before and would like to know more about how it can support your gut health and overall health... plus save some money by making your own?

In BASECAMP's Fermenting Food Course, you'll discover:
  • The enourmous and multiple benefits to enjoying fermented foods so you can nourish you and your family for the journey ahead
  • ​How to make delicious pineapple salsa, sauerkraut, pickles and passionfruit water kefir
  • ​The two key mistakes that many often make when starting out with eating fermented foods - to avoid any side effects
  • ​BASECAMP 's best kept secret recipe: a 3 ingredient dish that your family will absolutely adore

Gut Health 
Many of us have heard that what’s going on in your gut has a huge effect on your immune system. In fact at least 75% of your immune system is housed in your gut. Now you can turn that around and tame the tummy, turning it into the core centre of healing!

  • Why taking a probiotic may be a complete waste of time and money
  • ​What to focus on with gut health and healing so you can bring your child back into balance  
  • ​Recipes on easy  and delicious gut health promoting foods. It can be such a chore to cook and be prepared with food options for your child, but these quick and easy – and delish – recipes make it so much easier to help address this root cause
  • ​Different gut health tests so you know what the pros and cons are to help decide which is best for you and your health practitioner

Creating Healthy Homes
(Coming March 2021)
This one is a must! We will reveal why you should never ignore your home environment as a contributor to poor health – and what to do about it.

Inside this course you will:
  • Begin your Healthy Home Audit. We spend 90% of our lives indoors, so it's vital that our home nurtures us rather than harming us
  • Learn to identify potential household hazards related to your health concerns 
  • Uncover how to finally deal with allergens like mould and dustmites 

Cleaner Cleaners
(Coming March 2021)
Did you know that cleaning with a spray that kills 99.9% bacteria may actually harm your health?
  • Learn how to clean your home without harmful chemicals, and discover how you can cut your cost, cleaning time and concerns down all at once
  • Discover how to make an all-purpose cleaner in 10 seconds, with 2 ingredients for less than a buck
  • ​PLUS, learn easy and effective cleaning tips that won't ruin your skin, lungs, eyes or sacrifice your family's health

Skin Care & Personal Care Products: Low Toxin & DIY 
(Coming March 2021)
Overcome the myth that everything ‘natural’ is safe and learn why ‘Low tox’ doesn’t mean low quality.
  • ​Discover the top 5 myths that you need to know about ‘natural’ skin care products, that retail giants don’t want you to know 
  • PLUS, I walk you through exactly how to make your own moisturiser in less than 3 minutes...while also saving you money!

Looking After You
Because you are the most important piece of the puzzle.
Often neglected or 'left until last', we soldier on and put everyone else first. Have you ever heard the story of the 'burnt chop'? It's all about mothers, particularly, or the women caregivers, taking the leftovers and trying not only to exist on them, but carry everyone else in the family forward wiht that sustenance too. And that's pretty much impossible - we need to prioritise our own health and wellbeing.

Sometimes it feels like an insurmountable trudge through the mud. But it doesn't have to be this way. Discover quick and easy ways to reduce stress and overwhelm, promote restful sleep, and feel confident with implementing strategies learnt here so you can take in the beautiful view, with  tools you can use now and for the future.

Healthy Mums, Healthy Families 2021 Online Summit
Your All-Access Pass to the 2021 Online Summit! 
Gain access to over 20+ expert talks on physical, emotional and financial health. Discover wonderful, simple and effective strategies, tools and resources to help you thrive as a mum.

In this Summit, our experts reveal invaluable tips and approaches to allow you to create a life that's easier, healthier and calmer. Feel more resilient and able to support your family with these strategies too.   

Imagine empowering your children with helpful strategies to help them also become healthier, more resilient, and calm? (Yes, please!)

Create the life that you deserve, with these amazing international speakers, to allow your family to reach their fullest potential (that includes you, too)!

“Thank you Melissa for all the details and hard work you put into this really well organized, comprehensive course. The food triggers section was really eye-opening, especially the naturally occurring chemicals. I'm glad to have some clear direction on what to specifically look out for. “
- Jessica S -

It’s nice to find a group of people who appreciate how it feels to have a child with eczema.... Thanks Melissa! You are wonderful making yourself so available“
- Steph C -

Because I've done it all for you (Hi, I'm Dr Melissa!) 

BASECAMP's simple and thorough guidance will save you stacks of money, time, and stress trying to solve tricky health problems and implement a healthier lifestyle. It takes time to acclimatise, but with grounded knowledge from BASECAMP, it’s all at your fingertips. 

So if you are ready to end your overwhelm, bushbashing and constant worry about the confusing jungle of information surrounding you, let me and my experienced team of experts show you the way to a healthier future. 

While the journey ahead lies with peaks and valleys, sometimes all you need is a compass, an experienced guide who has walked the path before, and the right tools in your backpack. Taking one step at a time allows you to reach that summit of thriving health and enjoy the view.  Wouldn't it be amaing to have your own Support Crew behind you and at each destination to help you get you where you want to go? 

Take this path to regaining control of your health simply click below to get immediate access to BASECAMP and set your family up for the best possible future.  

For less than the cost of a single specialist appointment, you can now stop wasting endless hours every. single. day searching for this information yourself.

>> Monthly membership<<

  • Unlock your chosen BASECAMP program, one at a time to reduce overwhelm
  • ​All resources, videos, audio links, downloadables available during your membership
  • Choose from The EMF Course, Healthy Homes, Fermented Foods, Gut Health, Low Tox Skin Care and Cleaning and much more to come... 
  • Courses valued at $197USD+ , you can get started today for just $97USD/ month
  • FOUNDERS SPECIAL - Set monthly rate for life - in good standing
  • 2 Live Calls Per month - ask your questions and hear other family's questions, concerns and solutions!
  • BONUS 1:1 with me to discuss your concerns, questions and have a supported plan moving forward! Limited to the first 10 Founders 


Dr Melissa Raymond is a self-confessed research nerd (with the PHD to prove it), dedicated mother, and Amazon best-seller. 

Her present life is focused on Your Journey To Healing – her business born of necessity, designed to take the overwhelm out of managing your family’s health and guide you through eczema, asthma, and other common (but worrisome-at-3am ailments).

After spending what felt like a million years trying to manage her own young son’s eczema, she hit on her formula for success, which she now gets great joy out of sharing. With her background in physiotherapy and spending over a decade honing her research skills, she’s an authority on what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to navigating the health system.

Dr Melissa spends her days striking a balance between work and play; developing new courses and systems for parents just like her, and cheering on her two children as they construct LEGO worlds, endlessly throw a basketball at a hoop, and challenge their limits on the trampoline.

6 Months Access
Valued at $3,200
  • The Eczema Roadmap program (Valued at $2997)
  • ​6 modules drip fed weekly to reduce overwhelm
  • ​All resources, videos, audio links, downloadables
  • Step-by-step action plans (Valued at $67)
  • ​Reference lists to all information in The Eczema Roadmap (Valued at $147)
  • Bonus workbook - refer to the program notes any time (Valued at $67)
  • ​Private Eczema Roamap Community to be supported by others on this journey (Priceless)
  • ​6 months access
  • Total Value: Over $3,200
LIfetime Access, Valued Over $5,500
  • All Bronze Features PLUS
  • LIFETIME access to The Eczema Roadmap FB Community (Priceless)
  • ​​Submit Your Questions Weekly - individualised support to have your questions answered - 3 months access (Valued at $597)
  • ​Live Calls during our Office Hours twice per month to break through those barriers and hear others' questions that may be help you too - 3 months access (Valued at $597)
  • ​​​BONUS ONE: 1:1 Onboarding call with me in a 45 minute deep dive to support you and point you in the right direction (Valued at $147)
  • ​BONUS TWO: ECZEMA GOODIES KIT - receive a special package in the mail with products and special offers of products that I use and recommend (Valued at $107)
  • Lifetime Access to The Eczema Roadmap (Priceless)
  • Total Value: Over $5,500
Lifetime Access
Application Only
  • All Gold Features PLUS
  • ​​Submit Your Questions Weekly - individualised support to have your questions answered - 12 months access (Valued over $2,000)
  • ​​Live Calls during our Office Hours twice per month to break through those barriers and hear others' questions that may be help you too - 12 months access (Valued over $2,000)
  • 4x 1:1 Calls with Melissa for individualised support with a deep dive into your challenges and point you in the right direction....Pick my brain and ask me anything! Use these within the first 6 weeks of The Eczema Roadmap to fast track you along (Valued at $788)
  • BONUS ONE: EMERGENCY CALLS x 2​:  (Valued at $197)
  • ​BONUS TWO: DELUXE ECZEMA GOODIES KIT - receive the deluxe package in the mail products and special offers of products that I use and recommend, saving you months of searching for these products for yourself (Valued at $167)
  • ​BONUS THREE: 3 weeks of Voicemail Support so you can break through those barries that you have and contact me directly daily. (Valued at $597)
  • Total Value: Over $8,800


14 Day Money Back Guarantee
PLUS, you just can’t lose with my 
14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Unlock your first THRIVE course, watch through the videos and see for yourself just how easily you can understand implement change - one step at a time. Gain the confidence with how to move forward with the support and the action plans to create a healthier future for you and your loved ones. You’ll be so impressed with having this vital information at your fingertips to help your family you will wonder why you waited this long to get started.

And if you are like 99.9% of my clients you will be really happy with the step-by-step training that helps you with a safe, supported and clear way forward for a healthier future.  

However, in the unlikely event that even after you watch all of the videos of your first course and you feel you do not receive value, simply contact me directly within 14 days of purchase and I will courteously and promptly, give you your money back
Your Questions Answered...
Is this course helpful for people without children? 
Of course! This program is for anyone wanting to create a healthier future for themselves. 
Will I or my child be cured with BASECAMP ?
We do not propose that BASECAMP is a cure for any condition. We strongly recommend that you work with a qualified health practitioner that is knowledgeable in gut health and nutrition and and seek their advice prior to making any changes based on the information shared with you in BASECAMP.
Does purchasing BASECAMP replace working with a health care practitioner?
No. We strongly recommend that you continue to (or begin to) work with a qualified health practitioner that you trust. Always seek the advice of your health practitioner prior to making any changes to diet, supplements, or lifestyle.
I don't have any specific health conditions but I would love to join! Will this course be helpful for me too?
BASECAMP and the BASECAMP programs are designed to enable you to understand some of the science behind health and healthy homes. Choosing healthier choices, creating healthier habits and spaces may help our overall health. We strongly recommend that you consult with a qualified health practitioner prior to making any changes to your diet, supplements or lifestyle. We do not propose that BASECAMP is a cure for any condition. 
How do I cancel?
BASECAMP is a monthly membership program with no lock-in contracts or fees. If you would like to stop your membership, simply email us at support@yourjourneytohealing.net to cancel at least 3 working days prior to your next payment. You'll retain access to the programs you've unlocked and the community for the remainder of your final payment. If you choose to stop your membership you will no longer have access to the community, calls or programs within it. 
What is the currency?
BASECAMP is charged in USD. 

Step-by-Step Transformation Portable Portal

Video & Audio online ALL the time... With the Step-By-Step Training 

Each Module is released each week to minimise the overwhelm and fast track you through. You have the opportunity to complete in a few hours, a little each day or over a week. It’s your choice: how you do it is up to you. On-demand online training means it is best suit to you, wherever you are and whatever your schedule. The Eczema Roadmap includes everything that you need so you are equipped with the tools, trainings, & guidance to save you countless months of "wrong" turns. You'll have access to an evidence-based approach that will banish the overwhelm with the support that you need for a healthier future. With lifetime access you can keep coming back to relisten and remind any time you need to for a safe and clear way forward.

Instructional Videos and Actionable Activities

Each module includes specific video lessons that walk you through vital insights for each of the topics and lessons you need to know to understand the bigger picture of eczema with the right information at the right time. The program comes complete with downloads, exercises & simple actions to gain the tools and confidence you need to help you or your child’s eczema.

Be Listened to and Heard... and Have Your Questions Answered

Ever feel like your concerns have been dismissed and that you're left having to find the missing information on your own? You'll never have to feel this way again, with 3 months access to me with twice monthly calls and the ability to submit your questions weekly - so you can get the answers you need and move forward in your journey. Not only do you get access to all of the information and resources you need, but you have the support you need as well. 

Support From Others On The Journey

We often hear that being on a different journey can feel like a lonely one with our friends and family sometimes just not ‘getting’ where you’re headed. The Eczema Roadmap offers you the opportunity to connect with other people who know what you are going through, in a supportive and controlled environment. You will be invited to join our private and confidential Facebook Community so you can make connections, receive peer support, feel understood and celebrate the wins together!
  • ​Be stuck with the old approach that is no longer working for your family 
  • ​Remain on the merry-go-round of stress, overwhelm and confusion with the limited and confusing information out there
  • ​ Continue with the pain and distress of your child suffering with the itching and scratching, the sleepless nights, and the fatigue the next day 
  • ​ Stay in isolation and loneliness on this journey
  • ​ Continue to spend most of your waking hours thinking about your child’s skin
  • ​ Remain in the world of constant questions and second-guessing yourself...What is the weather going to be today? ...What food or dust or stress or environmental trigger etc caused this latest flare up? 
  • ​ Continue with this exhausting and never-ending mental load
  • ​ Keep your life on pause, taken over by eczema
  • ​Wait the typical 17 years that it takes for today’s research to be implemented into medical practice - so you can finally hear this information from your practitioner in 2036 (!) 
  • ​ Feel like you have no control
And I certainly don't want you to: 
  • ​ Go through 16 months or longer (like I did) of exhaustion from your child in distress, the sleepless nights, of you feeling isolated in your journey to find answers, and the heavy mental load
  •   Spend $3,150 seeking out various health professionals to learn different pieces of the puzzle that they all may or may not offer  
  • ​ Searching for 100’s of hours, wading through and deciphering 372+ research studies with medical jargon and statistics… which  can be difficult and dangerous to interpret without the full text access or a PhD to understand the true results and implications of the studies and what that means for your child 
  • ​ Continue with the cycle of hopefulness, expense and then disappointment of yet another cream that never seems to help enough
  • ​Remain on that elimination or restricted diet long term that will likely make your child’s health worse (and yours too if you are breastfeeding)  
  • ​ Continue in a state of overwhelm, being stressed out, yet no further along in helping your child 
  • ​Have your family and loved ones continue to worry about you and make ‘helpful’ suggestions on what they believe you should do 
There is another way!
A New, Safe and Supported Way Forward.
Evidenced-based, Clear, and Practical...
Designed to have you feeling confident and empowered 
with the right information to help your child immediately…
You see...

As a a mum and a researcher, the big question on my clients' minds is... 
How can I find a New Way Forward for a Happier, Healthier Future?
Many come to me:

- Heartbroken at seeing their child in distress. 

- Exhausted from the sleep-interruped nights.

- Having spent an average of 6-12 months searching for the answers, trying everything they've been told, yet feeling frustrated with the lack of results.

But the biggest reason is this:
They come to me because they know or have seen me 
regain control over my son’s eczema long term.
It took me 1000’s of hours of interpreting current medical research,

3 different diets, 13 creams, down to 3 ‘tolerated foods’,

Over $3150 on a dozen different health professionals (alone!) to
find the right tools and approaches to finally help my child...
but I have finally found the pieces of the puzzle.
You see...

I began searching for evidence-based approaches to this problem for my little boy over 8 years ago.

At the time I was doing my PhD (in physiotherapy) and used my research skills and access to medical research papers to discover causes of eczema and treatments for it.

I was spending hours researching and so much money (and time) on health professionals to obtain various golden nuggets of expertise from each of them to trial with my son.

I too have had those sleepless nights, the soul-searching, the lonely journey of trying things a different way....

Yes, I have also been there.

But, in fact, that was how I discovered this information to begin with!

Here’s what I mean…

When my son developed eczema at the age of 4 months, I wanted to help him by stopping his suffering for good…

Because for him (and hubby and I), better skin meant…
DISCLAIMER: It's important to know that my results are not typical  nor is my experience. The information and opinions expressed herein, and all related informations, are intended strictly for educational and informational purposes. Therefore, if you wish to apply information contained in this program, you take full responsibility for your actions. Information in BASECAMP has not been evaluated by any regulatory body and it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease that you/your child may have and is not a substitute for working with a qualified health practitioner. Always consult with a qualified doctor or health care professional about matters relating to the health of you or your child, and with matters regarding diagnosis or medical treatment. Full medical clearance from a qualified health professional should be obtained prior to beginning or modifying any diet or lifestyle program; and your physician(s) should be informed of all nutritional or lifestyle changes. If you are not willing to accept that then PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PROGRAM. If you are looking for a guaranteed “quick fix“ or “cure“ then this program is also not for you.
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